GDCy #15, powered by МY.GАMES

We were super happy to see all of you (300+ people!) at Columbia Beach on November, 25th on our GDCy #15, powered by MY.GAMES!

MY.GAMES is a leading European publisher and developer headquartered in Amsterdam, with more than one billion registered users worldwide. The company unites over a dozen development studios, and has a strong team of specialists working together from across the globe — including, of course, Cyprus, where they have an office in Limassol.

At the event, guests were able to both catch up with MY.GAMES in person, including leadership and local team members, and had a chance to win one of 3 Nintendo Switch consoles from MY.GAMES, plus 1 Xbox Series S console from GDCy team.

And of course, as usual, they have enjoyed GDCy’s famous atmosphere, networking with the best people from the industry, as well as free food and welcome drinks!

Category: GDCy
Author: GDCy Team
Client: Columbia Beach
Date: November 25, 2022