GDCy XMAS 2023, powered by Xsolla

Hello GDCy People! 👍
We opened our GDCy XMAS 2023 party for  GDCy Community on December 15th, at 19:00. But this time, we got something special for you to celebrate Christmas together!
EVERYONE registered received a special gift from Xsolla and a chance to win fantastic prizes, including exclusive GDCy Merchandise and the grand prize — an Oculus Quest 3!
Santa is feeling particularly generous this year 🎁
For this GDCy XMAS 2023, powered by Xsolla, we’re also got an exclusive OPEN BAR for everyone until 21:00, thanks by Xsolla and their Christmas spirit!
It seems that we celebrated Christmas like never before!
See you next year!
Category: GDCy
Author: GDCy Team
Client: Columbia Beach
Date: December 15, 2023