GDCy #13, powered by Facebook Gaming

And here we go with our big GDCy # 13 on September 30th 2022!

You all know that scaling a game can present many obstacles and milestones that are exciting, yet challenging. Join Facebook Gaming team @GDCy on 30th September to learn how you can maximise your game potential through optimal creative and measurement strategies, and finding the right balance of monetization.
Hear from Facebook experts on how to best future proof your game success within an ever evolving app ecosystem.
The event with presentations and Q&A session will start at 16:30, and it will be RSVP ONLY. So if you want to attend – contact your Facebook Manager directly for the RSVP link!
And after the official part of the event, GDCy will open doors to everyone starting from 20:00, so you’ll be able to meet Facebook Gaming team even if you won’t manage to RSVP.
As usual there will be free drinks of cool local craft beer, free food, great networking opportunities and famous GDCy atmosphere!
So, once again:
  • 16:30 – RSVP event
  • 20:00 – GDCy Networking (free for all)
See you on September 30th at Gerrards Kitchen bar!
Category: GDCy
Author: GDCy Team
Client: Gerrard's Kitchen Bar
Date: September 30, 2022